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Small business marketing tips

We often get asked what is the best way to market small business.


So here are our top 10 small business marketing tips:

1. Get a website for your business

This is the hub for all of your marketing campaigns.


2. Choose an experienced designer to create your website and help with marketing ideas.

This will give your website and business the professionalism that is critical for customer confidence in your product or service.


3. Incorporate SEO into your website.

This will help give your website the edge over other competitors


4. Develop an effective email marketing campaign using your own email contacts list and build from that.


5. Get on board social media like Facebook and Twitter.

This will allow you to connect with an entire new group of potential customers and will help to get your business brand out into the community.


6. Build a network by talking to as many people as possible and letting them know what you do.


7. Promote your website.

Make sure all your signage, stationery, brochures and advertising display your website address.


8. Sponsor or join local sporting clubs.

Get your business name out there in your community in a positive a way.


9. Don't ignore traditional marketing ideas.

Distributing printed brochures, flyers and fridge magnets around your local area is still an economical and effective small business marketing method.


10. Be excited about what it is you are selling and the enthusiasm will rub off.

It will also help you enjoy running your business and success will follow!